Silver mining process equipment

Silver mining process equipment

Micron Grinding Limestone How To Improve Work Efficiency

The comprehensive utilization of limestone resources has been fully affirmed in the industrialization. As for the choice of what kind of milling equipment, according to the needs of customers a reasonable allocation. Micron grinding This Ore Milling Equipment limestone for effective processing, has an unparalleled advantage of strength. So how can we improve the work efficiency of grinding limestone?

Customers purchase and use of micro-grinding, although there will be manufacturers of technical guidance, manual production and its specification, but in the actual production, the customer will according to their own production requirements, to take some specific measures to increase the micro-grinding equipment The efficiency of work, to a large extent, will be the actual output is higher than the theoretical yield.

The specific method is mainly the following three points, please deal with as appropriate:

First, the limestone material humidity. Micron grinding mainly applies to more than 100 kinds of non-flammable and explosive mineral materials such as kaolin, coke, bentonite, pyrophyllite, shale, gypsum, graphite and silicon carbide with hardness less than 6 and humidity below 6%. But also to avoid too dry. To improve work efficiency will be some help, which requires customers to control it.

Second, the size of the current. Micron grinding operation is started by the motor, the motor starts an important factor is the size of the current, when the current increases, the motor will increase the energy input to the mill, the increase in energy will drive the device speed increases, which can To a certain extent, improve work efficiency. However, the range of the current increase is limited. During the process of increasing the current, the user must control the actual power within the rated power range and can not exceed the range, otherwise the machine may be easily damaged.

Third, the fineness of the material grinding. Micron grinding limestone powder fineness of finished products in the 325-3000 mesh between the arbitrary regulation, the output of up to 0.4-4.5 tons per hour. When the finished product is more fine, the output will be reduced accordingly. Grinding time for the production of micro-grinding can be shortened, you can choose to increase before the broken head crusher, according to the fineness of regulation, thereby increasing the work efficiency of micro-grinding.

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