Slag vertical mill production lines

Slag vertical mill production lines

Slag Vertical Mill Production Lines Need To Be Prepared

Slag slag mill production line of raw slag by the grab into the feed bin, measured by the conveyor belt into the screw feeder feeding ZJTL slag vertical mill equipment. In theĀ Ore Milling Equipment, the material rotates with the grinding wheel, and at the same time, the material moves from the center to the edge under the action of centrifugal force. After compaction, degassing, grinding process, the material at the edge of the disc from the ring into the hot air from the wind, and instant drying, finer particles are taken to the sorting machine, the meal back to the mill again Grinding. Qualified fine powder is brought into the bag filter, after the finished product is collected, the gas powder is separated. After the finished product is collected and transported into the finished product bulk warehouse, the exhaust gas is discharged after being silenced by the fan. Part of the hard-to-grind large particles of material (and iron tumor, iron slag) in the wind ring through the slag mouth into the external circulation system, after removing the iron again by the hoist into the grinding mill. The hot air required for mill drying and ventilation is supplied by the hot blast stove and the deficit is partially replenished from the atmosphere by the cold blast valve. Large air drying capacity of the system, into the mill material moisture up to 8-15%.

So investment slag vertical mill production line needs to be done before the preparations? Today ZENITH on this issue a brief introduction:

    • 1, the properties of the mine material is in line with the normal operation of the production line

If you want to invest in a production line for slag mills, you have to find an undeveloped ore mine that is suitable for mining. If the instrument is tested for compliance with the mining standards, the next step can only be done if it meets the standards. If not, Need to re-find a new mine.

    • 2, the project area is sufficient

Slag vertical mill production line belongs to the large-scale industrial production equipment, need to occupy a certain amount of land area. Users need to consider the project to the mineral resources and the environment, etc., need to have some understanding of these to be able to ensure the normal production and processing later. The choice of location is especially important.

    • 3, equipment safety and reliability

The quality of machinery and equipment is also one of the factors that must be taken into account, so choosing one of the best quality equipment you have to consider is when you choose to run a set of slag mill. ZENITH production of slag vertical mill production line has repeatedly received national certification, reliable quality assured!

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